Translate your Pebble menu interface

Some Pebble translated menus

Some Pebble translated menus

If you own a Pebble, you know that its interface is in English.

If you prefer it to be in your main language, you can now localize it!

I made an iOS app which enables you to install different languages to your Pebble, it supports all hardware versions and it’s really easy to setup.

Pebble Translation enables you to localize your Pebble interface in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more languages are coming with new releases.

Plus, Pebble Translation adds specific fonts to fully support all languages: for example, cyrillic fonts will be installed in your Pebble and be available also for notifications.

To install your localization to your Pebble, you have to get the app; then just choose the language you prefer and your Pebble version (you can check in Settings > About > Hardware), then just wait a minute, and after a reboot, your smart watch will show your language!

If you want me to add a specific language, please let me know with a comment here.

Do you have an Android phone? No problem: just head here and download the app specific for your language!

Emoji support on notifications for Pebble and Pebble Steel

Pebble with EmojiWe all know that Pebble is really handy when using messages, WhatsApp and in general when comunicating with friends; it allows us to read the message without the need to take the phone, but it has one limit: it does not display emojis, the emoticons that are present on almost every phone (the ones you can find in WhatsApp, for example!).

Now, it does!

I wrote an app that is able to flash a modded firmware, based on 2.0.2, which supports Emoji font set!

It can not support all emojis (there are thousands), but a basic support is enough when comunicating (I never used most of them).

You can find my app on App Store and on Google Play.

Or use the universal procedure which works on both iPhone and Android.

It supports both Pebble and Pebble Steel, you just have to select your Pebble hardware version.

When an official update comes, I’ll update the app to support it as soon as possible. However, it may take some hours since Google Play takes some time before relasing apps and updates.

HTC One M7 – improve battery life, undervolting

Battery stats for HTC OneI recently had some battery issue with my HTC One so I started some trials to get the most life out of it.

My final configuration uses:

ViperOne 5.7 ROM is one of the best HTC Sense ROMs for the One, heavily customizabile

ElementalX Kernel

Battery Monitor Widget allows you to see the battery consumption and keeps statistics

It’s possible to configure kernel options in VenomTweaks without installing other apps.

I recommend to set the following opions:

  • I/O Scheduler: row
  • CPU Governor: ondemand
  • CPU Min: 384 Mhz
  • CPU Max: 1728 Mhz
  • CPU screen off max: 1134 Mhz

I left the voltages untouched but I selected to undervolt to 775 mV (min) while installing ElementalX. Undervolting could go even further, just need to try some values. It may cause instability but all you have to do it reflash the kernel with higher voltage values to solve.

Performances won’t be affected because CPU frequency is untouched; it’s of course possible to overclock, but it will drain more battery. For me, it doesn’t worth it, but it depends on your needs.

Pebble custom firmware ITA – aggiornato a 2.1

Pebble in italiano

Pebble in italiano

Pebble è un ottimo smartwatch, ma molto semplice. Questa semplicità porta, tra le altre cose, all’impossibilità di selezionare la lingua.

L’app di Pebble non controlla l’originalità dei file pbz che vengono caricati, quindi è possibile creare dei firmware modificati e installarli direttamente dall’applicazione ufficiale!

Ho realizzato quindi un custom firmware per il Pebble in italiano.

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Come ricevere Mi piace alle pagine su Facebook, gratis

English version here

Se amministri una pagina su Facebook, saprai che esistono siti che permettono di comprare Mi piace, o di ottenerli scambiandoli con altre pagine.

Uno di questi servizi è Like4Like. Questo sito è basato su un sistema a punti: ogni volta che metti Mi piace a una pagina o una foto sul sito ricevi dei punti (è anche possibile acquistarli direttamente).

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Unbrick HTC One – HTC black screen with warning signs on edges

HTC RUU with alert signals

HTC RUU with alert signals

Today I had a problem while trying to return to stock my HTC One: I ended up having this HTC RUU Mode screen with warning logos on the edges and I found no way to get out of that; rebooting, even with VOL – pressed, brought me to that screen. I thought it was bricked, but don’t worry, there’s a solution!

My phone was S-ON and LOCKED, and it had a wrong CID: was set to HTC__405, which was not it’s original one, so I thought that there was a very little chance to recover it; however it can be done and it’s pretty simple (once you know what to do :D ).

I found out that, on that screen, fastboot OEM commands work. That doesn’t bring us directly to a solution, but it’s enough to start with!

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How to get (nearly) unlimited Facebook likes, for free

Versione italiana

If you’re a Facebook page administrator, you probably know that there are lots of services providing Likes in exchange of other Likes, or worse, money.

One of these services is Like4Like, which is based on a point system. You earn points by liking other pages, photos etc, or you can buy points. After that, you can spend your points to get Likes. For example, you can set a page Like to 9 points, then, everyone who likes the page gets 9 points, and you lose them.

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